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Board and Train in Knoxville, TN

You’ve tried everything: pleading, bribing with treats, even shouting your throat hoarse. Despite your best efforts, little Dogo just won’t sit still or stop tearing up your pillows. In the bustling streets and peaceful parks of Knoxville, TN, there may be a solution brighter than spring dogwood blooms. Welcome to the world of Board and Train services—a dynamic fusion of homely care and professional instruction. It’s time to transform Fido from a mischievous pup into an obedient companion, and we’re here to guide you on this transformative journey. Get ready for some impressive results!

Comprehensive Dog Training Services in Knoxville

MLK9 Dog Training is well-known for offering dog owners in Knoxville, TN, comprehensive training services designed to cater to their needs and goals. The company’s head trainer, Mike Lilley, has more than a decade of experience in training farm and working dogs, police K9s, personal protection dogs, and thousands of pet dogs.

As an experienced dog trainer, Lilley understands that different dog breeds have unique temperaments and personalities; therefore, he customizes each training program to fit individual dogs’ traits. This customization ensures that the dogs receive effective training that addresses their unique habits and unwanted behaviors.

To ensure that all their clients’ needs are met, MLK9 offers a variety of dog training services. Their services include Board and Train programs, puppy training, basic and advanced obedience training, behavior modification, personal protection training, and group classes.

For example, suppose you’d like your furry friend to quickly learn basic obedience commands such as “come,” “sit,” “stay,” or “heel.” In that case, MLK9’s basic obedience classes will be beneficial. These classes are conducted in either a group or one-on-one setting. During these sessions, trainers work with both the dog and the owner to make sure they understand how the commands work.

One of MLK9’s unique offerings is its personalized behavior modification programs. These sessions involve working one-on-one with your pet to identify triggers for unwanted behaviors such as aggression or anxiety. The trainers at MLK9 will help correct these behavioral issues by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques that build trust and respect between you and your furry friend.

Types of Training Services

Puppy training lays the foundation of behavior and obedience that your dog will adhere to as an adult. With the help of MLK9’s certified puppy trainers, you can train your new furry friend early in their life. These sessions will include basic commands such as “sit,” “quiet,” and “stay.” By attending these training sessions, your young pup will develop good behaviors and habits that will last a lifetime.

For instance, suppose you’re a first-time dog owner. In that case, you might not know how to effectively communicate with your puppy or how to get them to stop biting or chewing on your items. However, attending MLK9’s puppy training classes will help both you and your furry friend get started on the right track.

Basic obedience training is essential for all dogs, regardless of breed or age. This training helps establish a hierarchy between the owner and their pet and teaches them key commands like “sit,” “stay”, “come,” and more. Basic obedience training is often conducted in a group training environment where dogs interact with other dogs under strict supervision by professional trainers.

Additionally, basic obedience training can also prevent anxiety, aggression, disobedience, or other negative habits from developing into further behavioral problems later in life. At MLK9 Dog Training in Knoxville, TN, you can trust that the certified trainers will work with you and your dog to tailor their training to your unique needs.

Professional Dog Training Approach

At MLK9, we believe that a dog’s training should focus on building a bond between the dog and their owner while also instilling obedience and good behavior. With this approach, we can ensure that dogs receive a comprehensive level of training tailored to their individual needs, which will lead to long-lasting behavioral changes.

We start each training program with a free consultation session. This allows us to understand the owner’s goals for their pet and provide them with specific insight into our training techniques. We then work with dog owners to develop a customized training plan that is tailored to their particular situation.

Our professional training approach is based on positive reinforcement techniques. The goal is to encourage good behavior through rewards and praise rather than punishment and fear. This approach reinforces the desired behaviors in dogs, ensuring they learn what is expected of them without instilling an unhealthy sense of fear or anxiety.

For instance, suppose an owner has a dog that jumps up on people when greeting them. In that case, we’ll work with the owner to teach the dog alternative behaviors, such as sitting or staying calm during greetings. Once achieved, these new alternative behaviors are highly praised and rewarded, making it easier for your pet to perform them again next time.

Our professional dog trainers will make sure that every member of your household understands how to handle the dog correctly, using “commands” when necessary, thus preventing any inconsistencies in training.

Overall, our professional dog training approach enables us to build trust and respect between owners and pets while providing effective obedience training.

Now that we have discussed our professional approach, let’s dive more into our actual techniques used while working one-on-one with man’s best friends.

Training Techniques and Dog Handler Interaction

MLK9 uses versatile techniques that cater to different breeds, immediate behaviors, temperaments, and personality traits. We help your furry companion achieve their full potential without causing any harm or negative effects on your dog’s well being.

There are many false perceptions out there regarding the use of choke chains, shock collars, and other techniques that cause fear and intimidation, but we don’t use them. Our comprehensive training programs utilize only positive reinforcement. The goal is to work with the dog in a stress-free environment where obedience is rewarded with treats, praise, and playtime.

We also believe in tailoring our approach to each individual pet. For some dogs, simple commands like sit, stay, or come will be enough! Still, for more complex issues that require more interaction from the dog handler over extended periods, we offer custom-made packages designed specially for them.

Our experienced trainers compare this process to teaching a child how to behave correctly. In both cases, reinforcement is critical. Children respond positively to praise; they beam with joy when praised by adults upon achieving something significant, such as learning their ABCs. Dogs are very similar: verbal praise and treats are tangible rewards they love when they successfully learn new skills and behaviors.

A typical day during our board and train program would start by testing the dog’s basic command, alphabet knowledge, and behavioral traits for evaluation purposes. Once evaluated, the trainer will then proceed with particularized activities suitable for the dog’s mental and physical needs. Some activities might include agility exercises or teaching your dog how to fetch objects!

Our dog handlers usually take regular brain breaks (for both owners and pets). If your companion is homesick, we allow you to bring their favorite toys so that your furry friend is comforted again by familiar things and people when not physically around you physically.

At MLK9 Dog Training, we are frequently asked about punishment-based behavior modification techniques. We firmly believe that punishment techniques should never be applied while training a dog if they instill fear in their minds, leading to more behavioral issues. That being said, our experience tells us that these techniques are not as effective as positive reinforcement and only provide temporary solutions. Moreover, punishment-based training can damage the bond between dog and owner.


Achieving a Stable Dog-Owner Bond through Training

One of the primary goals of dog training is to establish a stable and confident bond between the dog and its owner. A well-trained dog can respond efficiently to its owner’s commands, trust its instructions, and enjoy following through on its actions. However, achieving this can be challenging, especially for first-time dog owners, because dogs have different personalities and traits, making each training process unique.

In one case I encountered, a client received her German Shepherd as a gift. She felt overwhelmed with the challenges of training her new dog since it was the first time she owned one. As soon as the client contacted us, we started by assessing the dog’s personality traits, followed by designing a customized training package that met their specific needs. Throughout their partnership with our trainers, not only did the dog learn basic obedience skills but also gained confidence and trust in their owner.

Through training packages such as Board and Train or Day Training, our professional trainers can build a healthy relationship between you and your dog. The customized programs begin with an assessment of your pet’s behavior to identify areas that require improvement.

Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques like praise and treats to tempt the dog to behave positively while negating the unappealing behavior. It has been scientifically proven that this method greatly enhances learning as it reinforces good behavior without instilling fear in the animal.

While some people prefer alternative techniques like punishment-led methods or choke collars during training, using positive reinforcement creates better results. It is because punishment approaches may suppress bad behavior instead of eliminating it for good.

Imagine walking up to your boss and requesting a day off work to attend an event you’ve longed to attend for weeks. If they agree, you will feel happy and will most likely do an excellent job at work afterward because they rewarded your behavior positively. On the other hand, if they decline or sanction you for asking for a day off, you will feel discouraged and may not perform to your best ability after that. The same applies to dog training.

Our training programs teach dogs to view their owners as leaders, thus strengthening your bond with them in the process. The trainers achieve this through exercises and drills that build trust and respect between pet and owner.

In conclusion, trusting your dog’s training needs in professional hands is an excellent way of achieving a long-lasting bond between you and your beloved pet. At MLK9 Dog Training in Knoxville, TN, we use a personalized approach that guarantees success irrespective of breed or age. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our services, including Board and Train, Puppy Training, Day Training, Boarding, Behavior Modification, and Group Training.


MLK9 Board and Train Program

We offer 3different board and train programs:

  • $2,500 – 3 Week Board and Train (Includes Multiple Lessons)

  • $3,500 – 4 Week Basic On-leash program which includes a lifetime guarantee on the training, and multiple in-home lessons once the dog’s portion of the training is complete. (this is where we train the owners how to communicate with their dog and how to maintain value to their commands). 

  • $4,500 – 6 Week Advanced Off-leash program which includes a lifetime guarantee on the training, multiple in-home lessons and we are available for phone calls for the lifetime of the dog.


Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with MLK9’s Board and Train Program


Are you tired of dealing with unruly behavior from your beloved canine companion? MLK9 is here to help! Our professional dog training services in Knoxville, TN, offer an effective solution to transform your dog’s behavior and create a harmonious bond between you and your furry friend.

With our comprehensive Board and Train program, your dog will receive expert guidance and personalized attention from our experienced trainers. During their stay with us, your dog will not only learn basic commands and obedience but also address specific behavior issues such as leash pulling, jumping, or aggression.

Our skilled trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques to ensure a nurturing and supportive training environment. Through structured training sessions, socialization exercises, and tailored training plans, we will unlock your dog’s full potential and help them become a well-mannered and obedient companion.

Don’t let behavior challenges hold you and your dog back from enjoying a fulfilling relationship. Take the first step toward a well-behaved dog today! Book your dog’s Board and Train experience with MLK9 and witness the transformation firsthand. Contact us at (865) 213-7775. Together, we’ll embark on an incredible journey to unleash your dog’s true potential.

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